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1st February, 2022




An Islamic human rights organisation, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has accused the governor of Taraba State, Darius Ishaku, of carrying out intensive religious cleansing against Muslims in the state.



The allegation was contained in a press statement issued on Tuesday, 1st February, 2022 by the director of the human rights organisation, Professor Ishaq Akintola.



The group said :


“We have credible information that Muslims in Taraba State have been facing persecution in the hands of Governor Darius Ishaku since his assumption of office six years ago. It has been a long story of articulated marginalisation in appointments and acrobatic neglect in other benefits. 



“The list of persecutions is endless. Darius has embarked on religious cleansing in all segments of the state’s civil service, agencies and institutions. For example, all the twelve permanent secretaries appointed two months ago are Christians.



“The issue is not their faith. What we are interrogating is the criteria the governor used. The appointments lack merit because all the Muslims on levels 17 and 16 who should have been made permanent secretaries were by-passed while Christians under them who are on level 14 were picked. Governor Darius Ishaku deserves an international award in gymnastic religiousity.



“Darius must be asked what happened to laid down procedure? What is the cause of absence of due process under the Christian governor of Taraba State? Why have Muslims become second class citizens under Ishaku? Is Taraba governor building a composite yet united citizenry? Is Darius conscious of the fact that he is preparing grounds for religious crisis in the state?



“Religious cleansing of unimaginable proportion is going on right now in Taraba as Muslim staff are being purged from their posts under the watchful eyes and ardent supervision of Darius Ishaku. Muslims in Taraba State have become endangered species. There is no job security or job satisfaction for them.



“Can Darius explain why the head of service, the secretary to the state government and the chief of staff are all Christians in a state where the governor is already a Christian but the population is predominantly Muslim? Is the governor aware that he is indirectly paving the way for the emergence of religious politics?



“Or does Governor Darius think the majority Muslim population does not know how to use its larger number as a game changer in the political architecture of the state? Perhaps a trial will convince Darius when ‘the come comes to become’. Politics is a game of numbers. We have no iota of doubt that this governor assumes that his tortuous policy of religious cleansing, oppression and persecution of Muslims will last forever. But we know that Taraba Muslims are no fools.



“The crimes of Darius against Taraba Muslims are being recorded. He appointed a Christian as registrar for Taraba State University without regard for the rules. He got a Christian bursar for the same university from the ministry after ignoring several qualified Muslim staff. Darius we hail thee. But there must be a day of reckoning.



“The most senior person who qualified for the post of auditor general of the state was bypassed because he is a Muslim while a Christian who had little or no experience was picked. What manner of criterion is this? Darius is sacrificing merit on the altar of mediocrity.



“Darius has also embarked on a project specifically designed to eliminate the most enduring heritage of Islam by refusing to appoint more Qadis (Shariah court judges) since the death of the Grand Qadi of Taraba State thereby rendering the Taraba State Sharia Court of Appeal redundant. The smart Alec knows fully well that the only two Qadis on ground cannot form a quorum.



“It was when the oppression reached a crescendo that Taraba Muslims addressed a press conference last Friday, 21st January, 2022. (;


“The press conference held by Taraba Muslims last week shows that Muslims in the state have started mobilising themselves and Darius will soon know that he has been too clever by half. He has since been running from pillar to post. This explains why the governor dispatched the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) to hold an emergency meeting with Taraba Muslims on Saturday, 22nd January, 2022. Here is indubitable evidence that Darius is jittery. Like the Shakespearian Macbeth, Darius has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more. Arranging a meeting with Muslim leaders within 24 hours of their press conference is a manifestation of alarm.



“But why start what you cannot finish in the first place? Why start a campaign of religious cleansing, marginalization and oppression against Taraba Muslims when you know in your mind of minds that your victims are in the majority and that they can bite when they choose to, particularly if you stick your finger in their throats? Well, the sleeping giant has been aroused from its sleep.



“We advise Governor Darius Ishaku to retrace his steps with immediate effect. He should engage in genuine dialogue with his Muslim subjects. There must be a revision of all appointments made in the state. Muslim workers sacked by Darius must be recalled. The use of thugs to attack Muslim leaders must stop forthwith or Muslims in the state will be forced to react.



“We also call on the Taraba State branch of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) leadership to pay attention to the various encroachments of the state governor on labour laws. Religious cleansing of Taraba State labour force is an infringement on Allah-given fundamental human rights of Muslim workers in the state.



“Muslims in the Taraba State workforce are being summarily and arbitrarily dismissed by this regime. They are being discriminated against in employment opportunities. They are deprived of job security. This is a contravention of Section 34 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under right to freedom from discrimination. We demand protection for Taraba Muslim workers. Those sacked should be reinstated.



“To our Muslim bretheren in Taraba State who are facing inhuman treatment, humiliation and intimidation, MURIC has this strong message for you. You are not alone. We are with you in this struggle. We feel your pain. Be strong and steadfast in faith. Endure in patience. Remain calm and law abiding. This Babylon built by Darius will fall. Fir’awn (Pharaoh) will cease to be in power. Remember Allah’s words to Muslims facing persecution : ‘Do not be sad and do not lose hope. You shall be victorious if you are believers’ (Glorious Qur’an 3:139)



“Your duty is to ensure that another Fir’awn does not succeed Darius Ishaku. Although MURIC will not object to Christians being in power, we assert clearly, unambiguously and unequivocally that Muslim haters have no moral right sitting in governance over majority Muslim populations.



“However, it is the duty of the majority Muslim population to ease out Muslim haters from seats of power using constitutional and democratic means only. MURIC reiterates its aversion to the use of violence in all its ramifications. That is why our motto is ‘Dialogue, No Violence’.



“Therefore, what Muslim populations should do is to register en masse in readiness for the next election. Get your PVC. That is your power as citizens in a democratic environment. Vote out your oppressors. In the case of Governor Darius who is already in his second term, stop cooperating with him or his government officials and make it clear that the romance is over. Boycott his programmes. He is using you to create a false fa├žade of religious harmony.



“As for Governor Darius Ishaku, MURIC has a word for you. The Bible says, ‘He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God’ (2 Samuel 23:3-4). But can you, in good conscience, beat your chest and affirm that you have been fair to your Muslim citizens who are in the majority in your state?



“Again the same Bible says, ‘It is an abomination for kings to commit wicked acts, for a throne is established on righteousness’ (Proverbs 16:12). Is it not an act of wickedness to subject Muslim workers to economic hardship by sacking them and by depriving them of rightful appointments? The battle line is drawn. We will soon know who blinks first.”



Professor Ishaq Akintola,


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)


Thursday, January 27, 2022



28th January, 2022




Magistrate B. O. Abdul Salaam of the Ado Odo Otta Magistrate Court has been commended by the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) for jailing the parents of a student whose mother brought thugs to the school to beat his teachers.



MURIC’s commendation came in a statement issued by the group’s director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, on Friday, 28th January, 2021.


The group said:


Magistrate B. O. Abdul Salaam of the Ado Odo Otta Magistrate Court recently ordered that parents of a student whose mother brought thugs to the school to beat his teachers be remanded in Abeokuta and Ilaro correctional facilities.



“MURIC salutes the wisdom of this judge. Magistrate B. O. Abdul Salaam is another Daniel ‘come to justice’. His judicial pronouncement has injected a heavy dose of confidence in the Nigerian judiciary. He has also sent a strong message to unruly students as well as parents who condone indiscipline that a new sheriff is in town.  



“Students have become too daring in recent time if reports of attacks on teachers in various schools is anything to go by. It is shameful that parents nowadays indulge their children and pamper them in spite of their recklessness.



“In the case handled by this magistrate, Joshua Joseph, a student of Toyon High School, Ere, Ado Odo, Ogun State, was sent out of the classroom for indecent hair style on Monday, 17th January, 2022. His mother stormed the school with hired thugs who beat up three teachers, Messrs Abel Thomas, Kabir Azeez and Adegun Adekunle (          



“In Ibadan, Oyo State, a mother, Mercy Johnson, allegedly took thugs to the school on 26th November, 2021 to beat up teachers (



“On 27th October, 2021, a teacher was beaten up by students for attempting to stop attack on a female student at the Itori Comprehensive High School, Itori, Ogun State ( On 4th December, 2021, in Delta State, Michael Ogbeise, an SS3 student beat his teacher, Ezeugo Joseph, to death for flogging his sister (



“In a sharp contrast to the behaviour of today’s parents, Chief Obafemi Awolowo set the example of strict parenthood. His daughter came home to report her teacher. Awolowo was then the premier of the whole Western Region comprising of all the Yoruba states of today (Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti). Awolowo escorted his daughter back to the school and asked the teacher to flog her properly. The daughter was flabbergasted but it taught her the lesson of her life that the daughter of the premier of the whole Western Region must also subject herself to discipline at school.



“But today we see parents questioning disciplinary actions taken by school authorities. Some parents hire people who write examinations for their children and wards. We allow our children to dress like comedians, hoodlums and strippers. We look the other way as our daughters go out in nudity. We encourage our children to pursue Yahoo business to defraud innocent people while we revel in the illegal wealth acquired by them.



“Who did this to Nigeria?  Where did we get it wrong? We must quickly engage in self-appraisal. Nobody did anything to us. Not, our leaders, not our adversaries, not witches, not wizards. We did it all to ourselves. We forgot where we came from and shut our eyes to our destination. We lost focus and became reckless. There is impunity everywhere.



“We must revisit our value system. We must change society but that change begins with every Nigerian. We must stop blaming our leaders alone, the police alone, the politicians alone. We must realise that every Nigerian home has become a training base for all the evils of the world : immorality, indecency, corruption, laziness, excessive materialism, acrobatic impunity, articulated spirituality and gymnastic religiousity. Parents must up their game in loco parentis.”



Professor Ishaq Akintola,


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)