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7th November, 2016

The Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) recently berated indiscriminate attacks on officials of the traffic enforcement agency. There have been physical attacks on men of the FRSC in recent time. Three FRSC men were killed last week in Zamfara State.   

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) denounces these attacks. They are criminal, barbaric and despicable. Those who take up the challenge of reducing carnage on Nigerian roads deserve better treatment.

Nonetheless, we are constrained to observe that although FRSC men were highly respected when the corps was established in the eighties, the enchantment dimmed when some of them started departing from the noble goals and aspirations of the founders.

We strongly suspect that the general public began to lose appetite after noticing certain behaviours w9hich are incompatible with the mandate given to men of the FRSC. There are growing allegations of collection and demand for bribes from motorists, intimidation and arm-twisting gimmicks and ignoring overloaded vehicles for personal benefits thereby exposing other motorists to grave danger. Aware that Nigerians hate to part with their personal cars even for one hour, FRSC men have been accused of threatening to seize the vehicles of motorists who refuse to bribe them.

MURIC believes that attacks on FRSC officials may be part of the reactions of Nigerians to these excesses. We therefore advise the corps to improve on its services, add a human face to measures taken on the roads and desist from committing abuses against innocent Nigerians.

FRSC men are fond of stopping motorists on highways. This is very dangerous for many reasons. Armed robbers and kidnappers target stationary vehicles on highways in order to attack their occupants. Criminals have been known to disguise as FRSC officials on highways in order to carry out their nefarious activities. Vehicles stopped on highways often fail to start in such dangerous spots.

FRSC staffers are only expected to caution over-speeding motorists by waving and signaling at them to cut speed on the highways. Only overloaded vehicles and those whose drivers fail to use seat belts should be stopped and such action should not even be taken in isolated places.

We invite FRSC authorities to engage more in public enlightenment, to make themselves more visible on the streets and to desist from constituting any form of menace to travelers. In particular, FRSC should focus more on educating commercial drivers in all states of the Federation. We call on the general public to evolve a sane driving culture, to regularize vehicle particulars before their expiration and to respect all law enforcement agents, especially FRSC staffers.

As a last shot, we commend the FRSC for constantly reeling out traffic statistics and useful data on road accidents across the country. Such research orientation stands the Corps out as an elitist traffic control and monitoring agency. More of such studies are bound to re-engineer Nigerian motorists and build in them a civilized driving culture with best global practices. 

Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

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  1. In regards to FRSC as mentioned by Prof.Akintola, I would like to add the following recommendations: 1. Federal Ministry of Works and Transport ( if I am right with the name) should give us nothing less than six months to normalize and complete resurrection of Federal and State roads that can meet up with global standards. 2. FRSC should collaborate with the above ministry to fix road lamps and lights that capture Traffic offenders. 3. Plate numbers of each vehicle owner should be updated in the data base of their driver's licence. This will allow the traffic light to send the offense signals impromptu and FRSC road chasing of offenders will be reduced to computer and text messages 4. Traffic offences should attract big money, so that when a vehicle owner pays 20,000NGN or more in a month to TRC, this will caution them to maintain sensible driving and help out the economy from recession. 5. Any offenders that do not show up will be banned from international traveling as the Customs will have the information. They will not be given any right from the State or Federal level, until they pay their traffic fines. 6. National Identity Management Commission ( NIMC) should give us verifiable deadline to produce national ID card for all Nigerians (before the mid of 2017) so that FRSC and other law- enforcing agencies can easily curb criminalities. 7. The Federal ministry of Nigeria that is responsible for stabilizing the electrical energy should give us verifiable deadline to stabilize our electrical energy, like mid of 2017. By so doing, FRSC which cannot work in isolation can be rest assure that, traffic lights and other electrical gadgets they use to facilitate their works are properly functioning. At the bottom, Nigeria can be great again by striving to have result- oriented ministries and agencies with patriotic citizens who want to abide by the laws of the land and who always want a profitable portion of the dividends of Democracy. Nigeria Government ; wake up to global standards of serving your nation. My fellow Nigerians, how do we help the government of our beloved nation to make it great again?! My Fellow Nigerians, how can we build a nation that is suitable for our generation and the forthcoming generations?! Alhaajj Uthman Zakariyyah Abdullahi Oladele. 7th November, 2016.