Sunday, July 18, 2010


The vicious cycle of religious violence claimed more lives in Taraba State, Nigeria, during the last week. We of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) frown upon religious intolerance, destruction of places of worship and shedding the blood of fellow homo sapien. Religion is love. It should forge unity of mankind.

The latest disturbance was sparked off by an attack by Christian youths on a mosque. The youths reportedly claimed that they did not want to see any mosque in the area. Interestingly, citizens of Tennessee, USA, also protested against the construction of a new mosque in the town. Like the Taraba Christian youths, they too did not want to see a mosque in their neighbourhood. Somewhere in Europe, minarets have been banned. In France, the Muslim female hijab is now outlawed.

Are we to infer from these incidents and conclude that Muslims have become endangered species?


  1. Its ans obvious fact that the only threat to their ill-desired CONTROL of the world the the Islamic faith. Therefore, they try to disunite the muslims and after making no success at all they have the give the dog a bad name. Lets unite more in our faith and they will end up destroying themselves.

  2. It seems to me that d question shud be answeres in affirmative. Areas like Jos, Taraba and Adamawa, though situated in the North of Nigeria, Muslims are an isolated part of the population. Even though muslims are a sizable majority. The government in power has a lot to do in terms of Security of lives and properties in States where Governors are from Xtian states.May Allah assist us.