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1st January, 2010

The city of Abuja received another bashing yesterday as two bombs exploded within two hours of each other. The twin explosions, which occurred inside the Mammy Market beside the Mogadishu Military Barracks killed 11 people and injured 13 others. Some eyewitnesses believe that the death toll is higher.

Though careful not to jump to conclusions, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) hereby expresses grave concern at the sad turn of events in Nigeria. Coming on the last day of the year and at a time when a large number of people are celebrating the new year’s eve, yesterday’s bombing seems to have originated from sadists and frustrated elements whose only goal is to bring down the Nigerian nation.
It will be recalled that the series of bombings began with the October 1st 2010 strike at Abuja, the heart of Nigeria. The responsibility for the October 1st blast was claimed by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) while that of Jos was claimed by a faceless Islamic group. The emerging trends from the Jos and Abuja bombings seem to indicate that grievances exist at both state (Plateau) and Federal levels.

While it is necessary to call on the security agencies to find and punish the culprits behind all these bomb attacks, we are constrained to posit the cause-effect theory. Sentimentalities apart, there can be no smoke without fire. We call on the Federal Government and the generality of Nigerians to eschew emotional discharges and pursue the path of objectivity. Government must speedily find lasting solutions to issues motivating people to plant bombs. Only this can bring lasting peace. Apprehending the culprits alone without addressing the issues will only bring the kind of peace found in the graveyard.
The socio-economic problems facing Nigerians are enough to push some people into committing this atrocious act. Both the executive and the legislative arms at state and federal levels have for long abdicated their responsibilities by failing to address problems of hunger, unemployment, bad roads, etc which led to the frustration felt by the younger generation. Only the few in government and the legislators are enjoying the dividends of democracy and they appear to have taken a conspiratorial oath of turning the blind eye to the jamaheer (masses).

What is happening at present is therefore not a religious uprising, nor an ethnic conflict. It is more of a manifestation of the frustrations of a ravaged people. Globalisation has turned the world into a sophisticated entity. Nigerians now know what is happening everywhere: in Haiti, in Italy, Spain, France, etc, where people are rising against bad leadership. The solution to these bomb attacks is therefore good governance at all levels: justice in the Niger Delta, fairness to Christians, equal rights for the Muslims and goodwill to all ethnic groups in our dear country, Nigeria.
MURIC appeals to those behind the blasts to cease fire in the interest of innocent citizens. We urge them to give dialogue a chance by channelling their grievances directly to the authorities. We charge Nigeria’s security agencies to be on red alert in order to save innocent Nigerians from untimely deaths.

Finally, the ministries of information at both federal and state levels must be blamed for failing to educate Nigerians about safety measures in situations like this. We therefore urge Nigerians to be alert and to report any suspicious parcel or movement to the police. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.Dr. Is-haq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

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