Monday, February 28, 2011


There is a glaring poverty of Islamic consciousness in the protests in the Arab world in general. On the contrary, the huge multitude demonstrates an understandably high desire for change. We need to realise that these are people long deprived of freedom of speech, traumatized and dehumanised during prolonged periods of tyranny
Their Muslim rulers never really cared about Islam Egypt banned the Islamic Brotherhood and forbade long beards! Tunisia banned the hijab and just last Ramadan, Tunisians were told by their government that fasting in Ramadan was voluntary! The Arab world is in dire need of spiritual reengineering The question is who will bell the cat? It is time for a Mujadid (reformer) to cleanse the desecrated desert sands


Is-haq Akintola (Ph.D),
Associate Professor of Islamic Studies,
Lagos State University,
P.O. Box 10211,
LASU Post Office,
HO 102 101,
Ojo, Lagos,
Tel. 234-803-346-4974
I remain oppressed untill the hungry are fed, the naked clothed,
the sick healed and the homeless sheltered

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