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15th May, 2011





The United States is allegedly planning to site one of its military bases in Nigeria. The government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is also reported to be favourably inclined to the plan.      


The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) wishes to advise the Nigerian government not to push its citizens into a revolt in this transitional period. Nigerians are now better informed and they know the implications of allowing a world superpower to site its base within Nigeria's territory.


We are asking the question: Why must a foreign country set up a military base in Nigeria at this point in time? Who needs it and for what? Who benefits from it and how? Is Nigeria now a satellite nation? Have we turned the country into a banana republic? Has Nigeria been sold to the hawks? If so, who sold it? Is it a military base we need now in this country or food security, power generation, good health facilities, good roads, qualitative education, etc? Is this how we are going to be rewarded for voting for Goodluck Jonathan?


America has enough number of bases around the world and it already uses the available bases to assert its authority according to its whims and caprices. Its deployment of troops from its foreign bases has more often than not been arbitrary and unilateral thereby causing serious embarrassment to host countries and endangering the territorial integrity of other nations.


The arrogance and aggressiveness with which America uses its bases particularly after the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) have proved to the rest of the world that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The United States has exploited, misguided and abused the unipolar world.


US policy of rendition whereby innocent people are kidnapped and kept in its secret bases abroad to be tortured, debased and dehumanized run contrary to the principles of natural justice and constitute an infringement on the Allah-given and fundamental rights of mankind. Nobody is safe under the barbaric policy of rendition. People disappear without notice and they cannot be traced. This is usually facilitated by the proximity of American bases.


The use of unmanned drones which cause colossal collateral damage and loss of lives at no risk at all to American troops is cowardly, wicked and inhuman. Only a banana republic should allow such to happen in its own territory. America also uses its bases to thwart the United Nations' efforts and to impose its desires on the world body. The bases are also often used to humiliate nations and portray its leadership as impotent imbeciles. US troops have invaded weaker countries and kidnapped its leadership without the UN's approval. Though it claims to respect human rights at home, abuse and misuse of power are major characteristics of the United States foreign policy. America is a spoiled Goliath. 


MURIC therefore appeals to the Federal Government of Nigeria not to touch the idea with a long pole. We call on the elected representatives of the Nigerian people to oppose any attempt to launch the country deeper into the jaws of neo-imperialism. We charge the Nigerian civil society to speak up now and to mobilize public opinion before it is too late. An American base in the country can be compared to sleeping in the house with a snake on the roof. Only fools dare where angels fear to tread.



Is-haq Akintola (Ph.D),
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC),
Yahoo Group:
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