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26th April, 2012




Coordinated bomb attacks rocked the Kaduna and Abuja offices of ThisDay newspaper today, Thursday 26th April, 2012. According to online sources, casualty figures reported so far are about forty. But there may be more.  


The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) strongly denounces these attacks. They are not only barbaric and callous but also bestial and coldblooded. Any attack aimed at unarmed civilians must be roundly condemned by all right-thinking men. In particular, any violent attack aimed at the Fourth Estate of the Realm must be seen in its right perspective: a desperate move by frustrated elements to silence the only megaphone of the jamaheer (masses), the voice of the voiceless.


MURIC charges the Nigerian security services to go after the perpetrators of this dastardly act and bring them to book within the shortest possible time. Nigerians cannot continue to live in fear and bondage. We call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to put a stop to this senseless carnage by hearkening to the advice of well-meaning Nigerians who have advocated dialogue with all aggrieved parties.


It is painful that so many innocent people have died for no fault of their own. Yet it is the poor and oppressed who are falling victims. We fear that many more may lose their lives or get maimed unless government tackles this matter with seriousness and sincerity. We reject the Federal Governments grandstanding on this issue. Is it because no high-ranking government official has fallen victim of the bombs? Government should come down its high horse and act like a responsible public institution.


MURIC condoles the families of today's bomb blasts and prays that Almighty Allah will grant them the strength to bear their losses. We sympathise with the management and staff of ThisDay newspaper and the Nigerian Union of Journalists.



Professor  Is-haq Akintola,


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)



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  1. it saddens! And i hope all this will not turn to a religious war in Nigeria!