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28th May 2012

Nigeria will tomorrow 29th May, 2012 mark the thirteenth anniversary of its longest and Third Republic. The First Republic which was incubated in 1960 but which began effectively in 1963 ended disastrously after only three years in the hands of an overzealous, parochial and unprofessional military in 1966. The Second Republic which began in 1979 was terminated by the same gluttonous, impatient, overbearing and tyrannical military in 1983 after just four years of civil rule. In comparison, the Third Republic which entered its thirteenth year on 30th May 2011 has therefore been the longest so far.

We of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) contend that
Nigeria's democracy has always been a fraud and remains, to date, a monumental tool of deception. The first signpost of the insincerity of our democratic institution is the choice of 29th May of every year as the date for celebrating democracy in Nigeria. This date was picked by reactionary elements who were bent on eclipsing the historical landmarks of the June 12 1993 election which remains the fairest, most objective and most peaceful election in Nigeria to date. We affirm the sanctity of June 12 and urge progressives in the country to push for its recognition by the Federal Government. 29th May is a historical fraud concocted by conservative elements. It must be dumped into the dustbin of history.

The high level of corruption in our public life and the celebration of mediocrity on the altar of excellence make Nigeria's democracy the biggest fraud anywhere in the world. It is on record that Transparency International named Nigeria the Most Corrupt Country in the world in 2003, Second Most Corrupt Country in 2005 and Third Most Corrupt in 2006. Today corruption has dug in deeper. The Jonathan administration in particular has greatly embellished the sceptre of corruption with its fraudulent oil subsidy imbroglio. The ruling party has institutionalised corruption into a hydra-headed monster with wide-open and mighty jaws swallowing up the social order. If democracy must herald transparency, probity and accountability, Nigeria's democracy is a fake institution.

The political landscape is characterized by violence and electoral malpractices due to the fraudulent nature of our democracy. Whereas political scientists agree that in order to guaranty success, progress, peace and security, democracy must be fully participatory, Nigeria's democracy is selective. It ignited militancy in the Niger Delta because it ignored the welfare of the people in the oil-producing region. It elicited Boko Haram in the North due to the subjection of that region to perpetual poverty. Nigeria's minority elites exhibit a West-induced yet strong phobia for involving Islamic landmarks and institutions in our national life pari passu with Christo-Western institutions. The result has been religious friction and threat to peaceful coexistence.

To cap it all,
an extremely powerful centre breathes down the neck of the federating units, strangulating and impoverishing them in an equally fraudulent 'federal' concoction. 

MURIC clearly, unequivocally and unflinchingly condemns Nigeria's fraudulent democracy. We warn that enduring peace will continue to elude this country until we make justice the basis of all dealings among ourselves. Justice is the soul of peace. No man born of a woman can deny one and enjoy the other. We call for a Sovereign National Conference to avail all and sundry the opportunity to participate in reforming and reshaping the future of Nigeria on the platform of fairness, equity and justice. 

Professor Is-haq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

Professor Is-haq Akintola, 
Lagos State University,
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I remain oppressed untill the hungry are fed, the naked clothed,
the sick healed and the homeless sheltered

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