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25th December 2012




Christendom is presently marking the birth of Jesus, not only in Nigeria but throughout the world.     


The Glorious Qur'an reveals that the life of Jesus was filled with piety, humility and simplicity (Qur'an 6:85). He was "held in honour in this world and the hereafter" (Qur'an 3:45) just as he was righteous (Qur'an 3:46) and was blessed (Qur'an 19:31).


The lessons contained in the life of Jesus are enough to surmount the problems facing Nigeria as a country if only all the citizens would emulate him regardless of religious or ethnic background. If we can all be God-fearing, nobody would hate his fellow man or contemplate taking the life of another homo sapien.


Nigeria would be paradise on earth if we could all be as loving as Jesus. Seeking revenge would become history in our country if all would embrace the qualities of fortitude and forgiveness. Neither would poverty pervade the land if we adhere to Jesus' pattern of simple life. Adoption of simplicity, shunning the temptation to accumulate wealth, imbibing the hospitable art of giving and sharing are the only measures capable of alleviating the grinding poverty ravaging our nation.


The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) cautions clerics of all divides and the elite to shun materialistic propensities. We charge holders of public offices to avoid the temptation to appropriate to themselves all the milk and honey in the land. We call on leaders to remember that those among them who died while holding public offices could not take any money or property to their graves with them. Leaders should therefore remember that their primary duty is not to line their own pockets but to cater for the welfare of the citizens.


To the generality of Nigerians, MURIC calls for a change of mindset. Nigerians must think positively of their country. The followership must resist the temptation to join the maddening crowd of corruption in the wrong and misleading dogma that only the corrupt can succeed in this country. In this regard, we urge parents to lay good examples for their offsprings and to desist from encouraging the latter to engage in sharp practices.



Professor  Is-haq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC),



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