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1st July, 2013
A report of the Nigerian National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) published on 29th June, 2013 has severely indicted the Nigerian military. It accused the Joint Task Force of rape, torture, summary killings, arbitrary detention amounting to internment, outrages against the dignity of civilians and other horrible crimes.
It is interesting that NHRC is a human rights agency run by the Nigerian government. Coming from such a source, the report should be considered as not only credible but also damning. We therefore urge the Nigerian authorities to take the report seriously.
We of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) appeal to the National Assembly to urgently step into the picture to prevent further carnage and to stem the attendant humanitarian disaster which has already sent thousands fleeing into neighbouring countries.
No oversight function can be more important than protecting law-abiding and tax-paying citizens from the claws of rampaging soldiers. Neither can Nigerian lawmakers afford to stand akimbo while the military takes the law into its hands. Any soldier who cannot subsume his or her military fiat under civilian authority is not fit to wear the uniform in a civilized society.
It is becoming clear that some elements in the Nigerian military are exploiting the emergency situation to commit crimes against humanity. This is most unethical, inhuman, cruel and disgusting. We warn that this bestiality is capable of working against the goal of the emergency rule.
MURIC asserts clearly, unambiguously and unequivocally that dialogue remains the most potent weapon against insurgency. There is no smoke without fire. Without prejudice to our avowed commitment to dialogue and our rejection of violence, we warn that people will continue to rise against authorities wherever there is oppression. Justice is the Soul of Peace.
MURIC appeals to the international community not to fold its hands at this crucial hour. A major humanitarian disaster is unfolding in North-Eastern Nigeria. We ask for the immediate presence of United Nations observers in the zone and a microscopic and meticulous investigation of the activities of the Nigerian military both before and during the emergency rule. Indicted personnel should be made to face the International Court of Justice.
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Be just Justice is the soul of peace
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Neither can violence or naked force bring lasting peace

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