Monday, May 18, 2015


18th May, 2015

Outgoing Nigerian president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, recently undertook last-minute location and commencement of projects, sacks and appointment of heads of government parastatals.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) wishes to question the rationale for these hurried actions. We find no justification for them since the Jonathan regime is at the twilight of its tenure. We smell a rat. We therefore wish to alert the incoming Buhari administration to make the revocation of these mischievous actions its first fait accompli within seven days of its resumption.       

These eleventh hour appointments and sacks are irritating Nigerians. They bother on the theatre of the absurd. It is as if a sleeping and clueless regime has just woken up. But the litany of corruption cases and acts of indiscipline to which President Jonathan turned a blind eye in spite of public outcries belies his recent attempt to act born-again.

Even the president’s explanation for sacking former Inspector General of Police, Sulaiman Abba, which he gave two weeks after the sack does not hold water. President Jonathan claimed that the former chief of police was booted out of office for acts of indiscipline. Mr. President can tell the marines.

Nigerians know better. Most of the recent sacks, appointments, location and relocation of projects few days to the administration’s exit were motivated by bitterness, malice as well as a deep sense of frustration over election loss. Aso Rock is no longer working for and in the interest of Nigerians. Our Oga on top may be suffering from suspended shock.

If it is true that Jonathan means well, why has the president’s transition committee failed to cooperate with that of the President-Elect? Why is Jonathan not forthcoming in his interactions with Buhari?

The president-elect allegedly complained yesterday that he had learnt nothing from President Jonathan. Governance is a continuum and Buhari is expected to continue from where Jonathan stopped. How can transition be smooth if Jonathan fails to reveal what he has done? Is this in the interest of our dear country? What is our president hiding? This is quite alarming. Nigerians need to brace up because Jonathan is leading us to terra incognito.

In conclusion, we question the moral justification for the post-election appointments, sacks, location and relocation of projects by President Jonathan. We demand the revocation of all such actions within the first seven days of the resumption of the Buhari administration.

Most importantly, we alert the international community that President Jonathan’s latest foot-dragging antics expose him as a bad loser and reveals that his concession of defeat was merely an outward show designed to portray him as a democracy-compliant African leader.

Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

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