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22nd September, 2015


About 77,000 Nigerian pilgrims will tomorrow stand on Arafat to pray for this country. The next day, Thursday, 24th September, 2015, more than 100 million Nigerian Muslims will join over one and a half billion world Muslims to mark this year's Idul Kabir.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) felicitates with all Nigerians on this august occasion. We pray for enduring peace, political stability and rapid economic development for our dear fatherland. Above all, we pray that Almighty Allah directs the minds of our leaders as well as those of the followership to change their bad habits, to sacrifice their ego in the interest of the nation and to swallow their monstrous taste for materialism.  

MURIC condemns the phenomenom of rape of students and admission seekers by lecturers. It is shameful and indefensible. We denounce the rampant cases of parents assisting their children and wards to influence the outcome of examination results. We frown upon the long throat syndrome among legislators who reject pay cuts in this era of austerity.

The ongoing case of alleged declaration of false assets against the Senate president calls for urgent attention in this regard. We are saddened by the ignominous show of solidarity by fellow senators who followed Senator Saraki to the tribunal today. What message are these politicians trying to pass across to Nigerians and the young ones in particular? Are they trying to tell us that a single Nigerian is above the law?  

 Is Saraki above the law? Where were these lawmakers when a poor man was jailed two months for allegedly stealing two tubers of yam? Where were they when an Abuja court jailed a housemaid for allegedly stealing her mistress' underwears just a few days ago? When will a Daniel come to justice in Nigeria? What is wrong if we witness change in this country and a serving senator is arraigned for commiting a crime?  

We put it to the 'escort senators' that they are not only celebrating graft but also attempting to intimidate the judiciary. We call on Nigerian judges to stand firm. They must not surrender to blackmail. These senators are not supporting Saraki because they love him. They are hobnobbing with him out of self-interest. It is a marriage of convenience between a senator under suspicion of graft and an assembly of likeminds. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

  MURIC urges the 'escort senators' to allow the change mantra to manifest properly. Nigerians voted for change. Our senators must not subvert the General Will, the will of the Nigerian electorate. Corruption is a cancerous tumour which has eaten deep into the anatomy of our country and no good surgeon will hesitate to amputate a cancer-ridden limb in order to save the rest of the body. Kleptomaniacs among Nigerian politicians must be dealt with in order to act as deterrrents to others. It is the only way to clean up the syst.em

  Finally, we charge Nigerian leaders and followers to regard the change we are yearning for as our own sacrifice with the same spirit that Prophet Ibrahim willingly submitted his own son for sacrifice.

  Professor Ishaq Akintola
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

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