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23rd May, 2017

Hoodlums are currently destroying the petrol station of Alhaji Sulaiman Akinbami. This is a developing story. The attack started this morning and it is still ongoing as we go to press. 

The thugs are believed to be acting on the orders of the Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose. The governor was alleged to have threatened to deal with Alhaji Akinbami yesterday during his media chat. He reportedly complained that he could not tolerate Alhaji Akinbami’s business ventures because the latter is from Osun State and not an indigene.

It will be recalled that the governor had threatened to bulldoze the business man’s petrol stations a few weeks ago because there are mosques inside the complex.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) strongly condemns this impunity. We call on the Inspector General of Police to quickly intervene and restore law and order. We demand adequate protection for Alhaji Akinbami and his properties in the state.

Governor Fayose is victimizing Alhaji Akinbami for being a practicing and committed Muslim. Akinbami is not really Fayose’s target. It is Islam. Fayose has demonstrated his hatred for Muslims in several ways before. He insisted that he would bulldoze the mosques inside the petrol stations if they were used for Jum’ah prayers. In obedience to the draconian order, the owner, Alhaji Akinbami, stopped worshippers from coming for Jum’ah service.

Yet Fayose was not satisfied. He gave orders that the evening Arabic classes attended by little children should stop and pronto, the owner complied. Again he instructed them to stop the Sunday morning Asalatu activities. Akinbami also obeyed. But Fayose appears dissatisfied. He would not stop until he has destroyed his perceived enemy and that is exactly what he started this morning.

It is a flagrant abuse of power to threaten a law abiding and peaceful citizen. Every Nigerian citizen has the right to domicile in any part of the country. We charge the IG to act immediately before an innocent man and most probably many others along with him are viciously crushed by a marauding and lawless governor.

Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

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  1. What does the governor want again and what are his reasons for doing all that? I don't want to agree is doing it against the Muslims and if that is his intention, he should be ready for spiritual fight from Muslims all over the world.