Saturday, October 22, 2011


Libyan strongman Muammar Ghadafi was killed yesterday. NATO claims it didn't know Ghadafi was in the convoy bombed by its planes. They can say that to the marines. The world knows the truth. The war in Libya is Western war against an African leader who has dared Western imperialism for decades. The murder of Ghadafi and the destruction of his empire is simply a well coded message to other leaders of the Third World who may want to tread the path of Muammar Ghadafi.
As for NTC leaders, they are mere pawns in the chess game of globalization, willing tools in the hands of neo-imperialists. Sooner than later their ignorance, greed and avarice will be exposed. Already NTC leaders are rejecting the leadership of 'Prime Minister' Jibril.
We of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) foresee a gloomy future for post-Ghadafi Libya. The Tuaregs, erstwhile loyalists of Ghadafi, are most likely to start a rebellion against the usurpers. It is far from being over.
Ghadafi remains a hero, even at death. Here was a man who promised to fight to the very last in the face of overwhelming odds, and he did just that. What is the White House celebrating? Who is calling the party in No. 10, Downing Street? Sarcozi of France killed a fly with a sledge hammer and for that 'feat' he expects Napoleon Bonaparte's handshake extended from the grave.
The whole world knows that Ghadafi's capture or surrender and subsequent mock trial at the Hagues was the West's gameplan. But the desert warrior was too gallant for them all. He refused to cringe to the Western capitalist comprador bourgeoisie. He ruled with an iron fist, fought like a man and died like a true soldier that he was. His death has robbed the West of so much lustre in the euphoria of its sadistic celebration. We salute his courage.
Nonetheless Ghadafi committed the same mistake as a Muslim and Arab ruler. Ghadafi sould not have institutionalised his sons and daughters. Husni Mubarak of Egypt planned to install his son after 31 years of totalitarian rule. In Bahrain, Shaykh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifah ttok over from his father Shakh Isa bin Salman al-Khalifah since 1999. The Khalifah dynasty has been ruling the country since its attainment of  independence from Britain on December 16, 1971. The majority Shiah population (70%) is suppressed. Yet America wines with Egypt and dines with Bahrain.
Who among Arab rulers are free from breach of Allah-given rights of the citizenry? They failed to rule as Muslims. They swept the Shari'ah aside, dancing to Western gallery: Buteflika in Algeria, Zayin al-Abideen bin Ali in Tunisia: this hypocrite proposed the suspension of Ramadan fasting in his country! Shameless imperialist crony! He banned the use of hijab. Post-Arab Spring Tunisian rulers sentenced him to 16 years in jail on 28th July 2011. In Morrocco King Muhammad III is still in power since his father's death on 23rd July 1999.
In Yemen President Ali Abdallah Salih has been in power for 30 years. Thousands of peaceful protesters have been killed since the Arab Spring began almost a year ago. Curiously enough, our dearest United Nations (UN) proposed on Friday 21st October 2011 that this killer president should simply step down and enjoy immunity from prosecution. Immunity indeed! Yes, isn't he a Western proxy? You can compare this to America's proposal that its soldiers who are to be left behind after its withdrawal from Iraq should be immune from prosecution. Iraq's rejection of this request still baffles the White House. See what I mean?
What of Oman? The current King, Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed, is a man with an indelible moral burden on his conscience, a man who ousted his own father King Saeed bin Tamur (the unlucky king later died in exile in London). What Islamic morality can such a man manifest? All the kings of Qatar since its foundation in 1850 to date have been members of the al-Thani dynasty. The present Emir, Shakh Hamad bin Khalifah at-Thani has been in power since June 27, 1995 (16 long years!). Yet this dictator joined NATO murderers in the bombing of Libya this year. He was quickly rewarded for this ignominious exercise with an invitation to visit the White House which he did on 14th April, 2011, wearing a suit. There is no difference in Saudi Arabia where only one family has been in power for decades. The hen will soon come home to roost.
Down the tortuous and ever-bending lanes of history, we find that the only lesson Arab rulers have learned from history is that they have failed to learn from history. The Umayyads ruled as usurpers from 661-750; the Abbassids as a bunch of traitors, tyrants and avengers from 750 to 1258; the Fatimids as infantile rulers from 909 to the reign of Al-Adid in 1170 and the Ottomans as unmitigated spoilsports from 1300 to 1928. Nevertheless, Islamdom has a model regime to look forward to: the theocratic and humane rule of Prophet Muhammad and the Orthodox Khulafa' from 622 to 661.
For those who care to know, the truth is that Arab countries are in this dilemma because their rulers have mortgaged Islamic political thought for the pot of porridge which the West calls democracy. Qur'an 3:159 and Qur'an 42:38 spell out Islam's democratic ideals. Unlike in Western democracy where the focus is always 'the people, by the people, for the people' and nothing is said about the Supreme Creator of the 'people', sovereignty belongs to Allah. The president of a country is a mere representative of the Supreme Creator and is accountable to the latter on the Day of Judgement. Politics in Islam is tied to eschatological ideals. Everyone who plays a role in the life of fellow homo sapiens must render account for his or her stewardship yaum al-akhir.    
Arab rulers have allowed the temporary success of the West in the area of technology not only to get to their lips but also, like wine, to go into their heads. The support of the West for tyrannical Arab regimes in Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Tunissia, Morocco, etc graphically illustrates the hypocrisy in Western democracy.
Is-haq Akintola (Ph.D),
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC),
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  1. I believe the West is gradually preparing the grounds for its imminent fall..and no matter its level of techno-sophistication it'll eventually capitulate to the surging Islamic fundamentalism. The western dictators should know that their theaterical and selfish push for the continue proliferation of DDD (Demonic Democracy Dictatorship) the world over will only aid and accelerate their fall..Indeed, the world is subconsciously getting set for a new World Order... ISLAMOSANITY!

    -Bashir Adesanya