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Western sponsored media is reporting Ghadafi as saying, "Don't shoot. Don't shoot" as his last words.

These are cheap lies aimed at eroding the image of Ghadafi. We are not deceived. Ghadafi was killed by a NATO airstrike. Period. They should stop this poor and laughable attempt to hang Ghadafi's killing on the necks of ignorant rebel fighters. Ghadafi died the death of a hero. He was a warrior to the very last. Sure he went down. But he made sure thousands went down with him. That is the height of gallantry. You don't make it too easy for the enemy. No Retreat. No Surrender.

Shouldn't we wonder why thousands chose to remain with him till the very last? It is simply because they had seen in Ghadafi those indubitable traits of genuine leadership. None of the NATO generals can match the qualities demonstrated by Ghadafi in this Libya war. Or is it not cheap courage to stay hundreds of meters in the air, raining bombs, missiles and other weapons of mass destruction on poor civilians and lacking the courage to step down from the high horse to face the adversary one-on-one? Methink that is the measure of chivalry.

Or what do we say about the cowardly use of unmanned drones dispatched thousands of kilometers away while the finger pressing the buttons sits in the comfort of an airconditioned control room? Does international law permit the use of such a dangerous weapon of mass destruction? Is anybody safe anywhere any more? We are not even talking about the fact that NATO exceeded the bounds of its mandate in this expedition. The UN only asked NATO to protect civilian populations. Of course Banki Moon dare not speak a word about that.

We all know how Ghadafi resisted NATO airstrikes. Tripoli fell. This man did not surrender. Benghazi, Bani Walid, Ghadafi did not blink an eyelid. And then Sirte. He did not surrender. Enough of dirty Western propaganda. Anyway, we know the psychology of lies. Liars believe that if a lie is repeated often enough, even the liar himself will start believing it as the gospel truth.

Do they take the rest of the world for fools? Was this not the same lie that was told about the capture of Saddam Hussein in a hole? See how 'civilized' capitalists repeat shams! We remember how Saddam Hussein struggled with those who tried to hang him. He cursed them repeatedly. He died like a real man.

Chivalry demands that one respects the good sides of his enemy. Why cant the West respect this quality of fearlessness in Saddam Hussein and Ghadafi. If Fidel Castro the Cuban leader or Hugo Chervez of Venezuela should die tomorrow, Western media will suddenly 'find' eye witnesses of their last minutes in which they regretted their differences with capitalism.

Take my word for it. NATO is currently busy working on 'evidence' of its claims. All these will be doctored and manipulated. Look out for NATO's 'evidence'. But don't forget to look out also for the 'give away' pieces that will neutralize all those lies. People who are smarter by half always end up maradonizing themselves!

Finally, we note with concern how Muslim leaders are easy targets of murder and how Islamic countries are the focus of occupations for the West. Israel has defied the UN for decades, yet America, Britain or France have never deemed it necessary to impose sanction on Israel or to threaten it with NATO attack. By the way, how many Israelites were among the pilots who flew those sorties for NATO over Libya?


Is-haq Akintola (Ph.D),
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC),
Yahoo Group:
Be just Justice is the soul of peace
No one can deny one and have the other
Neither can violence or naked force bring lasting peace

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